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A B O U T   R A C H E L

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Rachel is a spatial designer based in the North West of England. Her specialism is in immersive design in which the audience exist within the environment and can physically interact with the space. 

Rachel trained in Design for Theatre, Performance and Events at Birmingham City University, a course which helped her develop to be a creative and determined designer who is not afraid to think ambitiously. She has a theatrical approach to design and her work includes exhibition, event, festival and performance design.

Since graduating in 2017, Rachel has been a freelance designer and has worked on a variety of projects including installing immersive learning environments in several North West primary schools and working with Wild Rumpus, Ryde Arts, Powder Keg, Stute Theatre, Filament Projects, Made by Mortals and the Emily O'Shea Company.

She is available for commissions, please feel free to send any enquiries.

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