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S C H O O L   W O R K S H O P S 

3D Design and Idea Generation

Suitable for all ages

Groups of up to 30

Workshop length can be adapted to run from a minimum of 2 hours to a full day.


Rachel is a designer and maker for performance, installations, exhibitions and events. She specialises in interactive design and normally works as part of a close creative team to deliver holistic, immersive experiences. Rachel’s design process is highly creative, idea driven and collaborative.

Rachel strives to be an environmentally conscious practitioner throughout her work by being mindful of materials and practices. Upholding this ethos leads to greater creative solutions and more ‘outside-the-box’ thinking which can often enhance a design.

In the Creating Spaces Workshop, Rachel will work with the group to tackle a creative brief with an emphasis on the environment. For older classes, the brief can be partially co-created with the group to be based around something they are particularly interested in. The work will focus on free idea generation, creative solutions, effective collaboration and self/peer evaluation. The class will work in small teams to develop and hone their ideas in order to present them in the form of a 3D model.  

Each workshop will include:

  • Class discussion around the themes presented in the creative brief.

  • Free-flowing idea generation through mind mapping and drawing.

  • Decorative techniques using sustainable materials.

  • Creating a 3D model.

  • Collaboration and communication.

  • A number of extra activities which can be completed following the workshop session.


Longer sessions with KS2+ students will also involve:

  • Techniques to create 3D scale models.

  • Further evaluation and development discussions.


The aims of the workshop:

  • To boost confidence in idea generation.

  • To boost confidence in communicating unfinished ideas.

  • To practise working effectively in collaboration with peers.

  • To build skills in effectively evaluating and developing ideas.

  • To help illustrate the value of creative process.

To find out more information or book workshops please contact Rachel here:


'The children learnt new skills and could see how the different processes created their finished product' 

'It was a really positive and exciting experience for the children - they loved it!' 

'The children were engaged and excited, very creative and imaginative'

'The children enjoyed recapping and discussing what they had learnt'

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