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C A R D B O A R D    C O S M O S

A mysterious cardboard space craft has crash landed and needs your help! 


Two friendly intergalactic beings are visiting Earth in the hope of saving their own precious planet from mounting piles of rubbish and waste. Can the audience help them to solve their space-junk problem, fix their sustainable spaceship and learn a bit more about our home on Earth along the way? 

Cardboard Cosmos is an interactive, participatory performance for children with a sustainable message, music and a lot of cardboard creativity!


To find out more about Cardboard Cosmos, watch the trailer and book tickets visit:

A Stute Theatre Production 

Cast and Creatives:


Performed by Emily Adams and Holly Wright

Directed by Hallam Breen 

Designed by Rachel Shore

Written and Produced by Sophia Hatfield

Stage Manager: Pip Hussey 

Assistant Director: Isobel Coward

Junior Producer: Charlie Ellen-Ayers

Production Manager: Sam Cheadle 

Casting Director: Shannon David

With thanks to:
Veronika Diamond - Co-producer
Jess Rooney - Marketing Officer
Richard Hand - Graphic Designer
Helen Slevin - Producer

Photographs by Jenny Harper

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