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F A B L E S   A T   T H E   K I T C H E N   T A B L E

Fables at the Kitchen Table is a Stute Theatre production made up of two different live performances, one designed to be performed via Zoom Webinar as a live digital show, and the other to be toured to and performed in libraries, schools and community spaces in front of a live audience. 

Our storyteller, Soph usually travels the world collecting stories, but recently has had to spend much more time at home. Finding inspiration from a book of Aesop's Fables, and items that she has found in her kitchen, Soph brings to life some of our fables using puppetry, storytelling, costume, music and song.

The concept behind the design was to create set, puppets, props and costume using everyday household items, with a little added theatre magic. It's aim is to inspire, and encourage children and families to create and tell stories in a similar way. The illustrations, as well as being used for posters, programmes and promotion, also feature on activity sheets and education packages which accompany the show.

To find out more about Fables at the Kitchen Table and book tickets, visit


A Stute Theatre Production

Cast and creatives:

 Written and Performed by Sophia Hatfield
Directed by Sarah Richardson
Designed by Rachel Shore
Produced by Helen Slevin and Sophia Hatfield
Poster Design by Richard Hand
With Illustration by Rachel Shore
Marketing by Jess Rooney

Photographs by Lucas Smith Photography

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