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L I B R A R Y   A V E N U E

Library Avenue is Ryelands Primary and Nursery School's interactive library, reading area and learning space. It is an immersive environment designed to be used by pupils and teachers together as well as a space for pupils to work with each other and by themselves. 

Library Avenue is designed to create a feeling of community founded on books and reading. The aim of the environment is to encourage students to read a variety of books and communicate with each other as well as their teachers about what they like and why, accentuating the importance of their voices and thoughts. 


The space provides a calm environment in which children are welcome to take a bit of time to discover what reading means to them as individuals..



The Big Book (wide view).jpg

Changing displays help to create anticipation for new books and excitement for new reading opportunities. The Big Book publishes carefully selected pieces of writing from Ryelands pupils, acknowledging and rewarding excellent work.

Book of Commendations (open).jpg
The Book Swap Bookmarks.jpg

Interactive elements encourage conversations and critical thinking; aiming to help children to discover the joys of reading with the help of teachers, guardians, friends and peers and their own exploration.

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