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S T   L U K E ' S   R O O M   O F   W O N D E R S

St Luke’s Room of Wonders is an immersive, exploratory classroom installed in Skerton St Luke’s CE Primary School in Lancaster. Using visual design St Luke’s Room of Wonders leads children through the looking glass to an environment where they can learn through play and exploration. Children are encouraged to discover information for themselves, sparking a heightened interest in gaining knowledge and understanding.

Unusual objects, secret corners and an enigmatic benefactor character developed through abandoned letters and photographs builds a mysterious narrative about the space; inspiring children to use their imagination and storytelling techniques to explore and explain.

St Luke’s Room of Wonders is designed to be a stimulating and versatile learning space. The displays can be built upon by teachers, pupils, parents and the community to enhance different subjects and themes. It is in inviting place to host storytelling sessions, drama workshops, history and the creative arts.

Photos by Brenainn Shackleton

door corner wide angle.jpg

'Our “St Luke’s Room of Wonder” is a magical environment, which has been created,to perfection, to further enhance and support the children in our school in lots of different ways. An intriguing place, like our “Room of Wonder”, offers the opportunity to enhance enquiry skills and develop knowledge further of our children.

As Teachers, we crave passion for mystery and wonder, when we started to plan this room; we instantly fell in love with the idea and immediately wanted to use that same sense of wonder to empower the children. This is paramount for the children’s self esteem and to develop a life-long love of learning.

The room has already sparked off creativity within History, such as generating historical questions, developed inferential skills within Reading and has even allowed their imagination to fly free with outstanding pieces of creative writing.

I think every school should have a place where wonder can be celebrated.


By making a part of our school ‘another world’ means we always have somewhere to visit'.

Miss Garnett, Year 6 Teacher

'It was fantastic to work with Rachel on this project.  She is so creative and just understands how different stimulai can engage and 'hook' children into learning.  Rachel has great vision, listens and communicates and then makes these ideas into a wonderful reality.'


Mrs Armistead, Head Teacher

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