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T H E   C H E R R Y   C O L O U R E D   C O A T

Working in collaboration with Filament Projects and Stute Theatre to create an online storytelling workshop to be performed live for primary schools through Zoom Webinar. 

The performance is based around character Freida; a quirky, budding author who lives with her dear cat Pickles. Freida has decided to write a story for her friends and family during her 2020 lockdown isolation.


The workshop showcases the story The Cherry Coloured Coat through audio and animation. In between chapters, Freida talks about the themes behind the story and encourages engagement through activities and class discussions.

The design created Freida’s ‘writery’ a little space full of her inspiration for the story, lots of Christmassy knick-knacks and of course, a cosy corner for Pickles.

A Filament Projects Production with Stute Theatre

Designed by Rachel Shore

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