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T H E   C O S T   O F   E V E R Y T H I N G

Everything is broken, help us fix it!

The Cost of Everything is an interactive, gaming performance designed for simultaneous live audience (Key Workers) and online players (Remote Workers). Through performance, gaming, an array of weird and wonderful characters and comedic analogy we explore some alternative solutions to current issues such as the cost of living crisis. 



To find out more about The Cost of Everything, watch the trailer and book tickets visit:  

A Hidden Track Production

Cast and Creatives:

Directed by Anoushka Bonwick
Written by Elliot Hughes

Performed by Janelle Thompson, Steph Reynolds, Elliot Hughes

Produced by Veronika Diamond
Set/Props/Costume Design by Rachel Shore
Livestreaming/Technical Design by Jason Crouch
Music/Sound Design by Foz Foster
Lighting Design by Andrew Crofts
Graphic Design by Pencil Bandit

Dramaturgy by Sinead O’Brien
Economic Advice from Maeve Cohen
Marketing Support from Ag
athe Rault

reviously performed/devised with Emma MacLennan

Photos by SquadFour Productions

'Rachel is a dream to work with. Her use of colour, problem solving skills and ingenuity with touring set was amazing – she brought a fresh perspective to the play, understood the world we were trying to build and elevated it to a whole new level’ – Anoushka Bonwick, Director

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