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T H E    F O R G O T T O N    N E W S    D E S K 

A Filament Projects production, The Forgotten News News Desk is an exciting, immersive performance for primary school children. 


A mysterious green pod suddenly appears on the playground of the Cheshire Primary Schools after a journalist has visited the school to run workshops and finds a 50-year-old, seemingly unfilled newspaper. Upon investigation the children discover that the pod is in fact The Forgotten News Desk, where they meet the eccentric Editor, Viv and are tasked with saving their school newspaper before it is lost in the archives forever.

A Filament Projects Production


Designed by Rachel Shore.

Photographs by Jenny Harper


To find out more about The Forgotten News Desk, watch the trailer and read The Blacon Oracle, Peover Eye and Broken Cross Bugle visit:

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